Singapore dreamz

2000 miles apart is a land that has mystified everyone over the years. Some call it the global financial center, some call it the best holiday destination. For me it’s one place I have always dearly wanted to visit (especially outside India).

Singapore | The Lion City | The Little Red Dot

It’s said that when the time comes everything falls in place! That’s exactly what happened with me too. I’ve been planning to visit Singapore since ages but it never materialized. The photos of people visiting this place would build up my desire to visit even more. The more plans I made, the more it felt short of something. Guess I was short on lady luck! 🙂 Last year however, my dream came true. Loads of discussions and research went on in what was to be one of the most memorable tours in my life. The thrill and excitement of a dream come true is truly amazing. You can see that smile stuck up on my face in the photo as well! (LOL)

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AJMST celebrating 10 years – a walk down memory lane

10 years! Just can’t believe it! A dream that was shared by everyone, a sport that was loved by everyone, a tournament that became the spirit of sportsmanship and a bond that developed more friends that I could have ever imagined. Amit Joshi Memorial Softball Tournament or now rebranded and known as ASL (AAY’s Softball League) has now become a respectable name in all of India. The players who played the first year would remember how quickly this idea was materialised. An emotional attempt to bring friends together and contribute to the sport that made us who we are today. More than 1000 players have played this tournament and all of them have only good memories of these ten years. I remember each and every year how it evolved and how we made true every dream that we had seen as a young player.

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AJMST – Living The Dream

Amit Joshi Memorial Softball Tournament

Amit Joshi Memorial Softball Tournament

“Amit Joshi Memorial Softball Tournament”

A small tribute to our friend..

Softball – the game that brought all friends together.

A dream that we all saw and decided to make true. Days and Nights we put in. Only one goal – to have a tournament of our own. A tournament to enjoy, to come together and relive the cherished moments.

A sports fiesta which would give a platform for all age groups. 2-3 days of pure fun, competitiveness, sportsmanship, team spirit.

The loss of beloved friends shall always remain in our hearts.

AJMST has grown over these years and shall continue with the support of all the well wishers.

16 local teams in the first year to more than 20 in the second. Free invitation to all friends from across the cities to sponsors in third edition. AJMST has always taken a leap forward.

Years to come shall witness more extravaganza and we all will work hard to make it happen.

— Amit Friends