Tips and Tricks for Softball – Batting stance

“I was such a dangerous hitter, I even got intentional walks in batting practice”

This was probably the first quotes that I read as an amateur. Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron were automatically on the list of admired people (legends to precise) and their posters were the first to look for, before any match. Reading their records and watching the MLB matches was a favourite pass time during the 90’s. Even when, kids around me were glued to only cricket, I also found my moment of excitement in the homers of Barry Bond or the amazing saves by Derek Jeter (and even the amazing dunks of Michael Jordan + the legendary game of Sachin Tendulkar + the victory lap of Michael Schumacher, etc….). I always imagined myself walking into the batter deck with the pitcher perspiring just by the sight of me. I believed every time I walk in, the pitcher should atleast think about the above phrase once! Well, I even aimed for making this dream come true and strived for perfection as well.

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Tips and tricks for Softball – Batting LineUp

110 officially playing countries and countless sports enthusiasts across the globe, all contributing to the sport that’s fondly called Softball. Most of them know that the name Softball has a historic origin and the ball is no longer “Soft” as it used to be. Infact, it’s changed colors too over the decade. Year 1887 till today, there must have been countless brain hours put into strategies for winning matches and more importantly getting the perfect batting line for the match. Now why focus only on batting line up when there are many things to seek in a match? What difference will focusing on a batting line up make? Fitness, practice and passion for the game is what is required to win a match, isn’t it? Well, even if the last point is true it’s still enough to win championships.

Ground reality is that a good batting line up can save a difficult match for a weaker team – kind of like brains over muscle. Batting line in Softball/Baseball is a little game in itself. There are numerous drills for fielding but very few coaches understand and leverage the power of a good batting line up. We make sure to give our best in every match and even have combination drills for fielding to get more runners out in a single ball play. A good team differentiates itself from the rest by going a step further and thinks about its batting line up as well. It’s a part of the game strategy that allows you to work as a coordinated unit, each performing its duties for the winning goal. In a team game, if everyone is moving in the same direction, there is a higher probability that your team would perform better than its competition.

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Movies that light up my soul

“Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

I am confident, there’s no Hollywood fan who doesn’t know this line. An epic movie which is still lauded for many intricate things in cinematography and stuff. Yes, the Shawshank Redemption!

Most of us remember movies because of its dialogues and the story line. According to me, these two make up the soul of a movie. Rest all is beautification. If the soul manages to make a mark, everything else is applauded. Movies that light up my soul include a blend of classics, suspense, action, comedy and ‘simplicity’. I don’t remember the first time I watched most of them but every time feels like the first. Such is the craftsmanship of the people behind shooting them that it touches a new chord every time. There is no age bar to watch them and neither is there a ‘right’ time to watch them. Just tune in any time, any day, any mood and these gems will set up the ‘mahol’.

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