Singapore dreamz

2000 miles apart is a land that has mystified everyone over the years. Some call it the global financial center, some call it the best holiday destination. For me it’s one place I have always dearly wanted to visit (especially outside India).

Singapore | The Lion City | The Little Red Dot

It’s said that when the time comes everything falls in place! That’s exactly what happened with me too. I’ve been planning to visit Singapore since ages but it never materialized. The photos of people visiting this place would build up my desire to visit even more. The more plans I made, the more it felt short of something. Guess I was short on lady luck! 🙂 Last year however, my dream came true. Loads of discussions and research went on in what was to be one of the most memorable tours in my life. The thrill and excitement of a dream come true is truly amazing. You can see that smile stuck up on my face in the photo as well! (LOL)


There are zillions of blogs and loads of people who will tell you “whats-hows-wheres-whichs” about Singapore but nothing beats an actual experience. Marina Bay Sands, Marlion, Sentosa Island are some of the chart toppers but there are many more things which are an experience in itself. Some of the best ones that I enjoyed was the calm evening at Clark Kay, the beautiful roads on the way to Singapore Zoo, watching the Singapore skyline from the 21st floor of my hotel, meeting an old friend at Marche (a simple yet classy joint at Orchard Road) and lots more.

But the best one was the walk around the entire Marina Bay holding hands with my wife. This blog is a small token of love on our anniversary today! Reliving the best moments!


The trip to Singapore has opened up the book of dreams to lot more amazing destinations and I am planning to tick off yet another page along with her in the new year. Have a super time fellas!



Highway of Thoughts

A highway of thoughts rolling in the mind; Road seems never ending; View is amazing though; everything calling out, urging to stop – yet the walk continues. Relentlessly, like a remotely controlled robot the walk goes on. Oh man now that’s where one’s goto be but hey what’s with this walking. STOPPPP!!!

Right in front, there’s the destination. Seems like I am walking for quite some time now though. Yeah, right, this is the right way but ain’t a little break due now. This highway is good but going non-stop isn’t the way it was planned. At the destination, there is still a mountain to climb. This freaking walk towards the mountain is taking toll on my patience. There’s an amazing view from the mountain, I’v heard it all, but this trail has to end first.

A nice quiet ride seems good but too much of it makes one go mad. There was a refreshment outlet a few miles back. Should have shared the ride there itself! Did I miss some? Nah! Actually, no one wants to ride in a classic, everyone wants multiple horse power engines. My old horse though still rocking does not fit the mould. This one has the innate power of 10 such power drones but a classic does not show all cards.

Hey, how now there are two roads going to the mountain. Why do we need two roads going in parallel to the same destination and now how did I shift on that road? This highway of thoughts is driving me crazy.

I think it was better I choose to ride alone. What would anyone else have done in my place? Pop the hood and listen to music or chew on the snacks and laugh at the funny memories or clicks snaps or every beautiful view? Anything and everything that is coming to my mind seems awesome but nothing could beat the view from the mountain.

Blast it! What’s with this construction of multiple roads? 1 road or 2 or 3 all to the same destination! And seriously I am going to sound crazy now. Why am I on this 3rd road? When did I take the diversion?

This highway of thoughts is crazy. The more I think the more roads it creates! Could it be that…………….


Trrrrrrinnng! Cuckkooo cuckoooo! Suprabhat! Good morning! Subha ho gae!

Hey it was just a dream. My granny woke me up only to see me in complete surprise as to where was I. She just smiled as if she knew what I was thinking. “Don’t worry you will reach your destination”, she said. I hope to reach this mountain early least my interest fades off.

The highway of thoughts – here I come!