10 smart ways of hosting your first webinar

When you are planning a webinar, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by everything that you can do with it. A smart way of hosting a webinar not only helps to channelize your efforts in the right direction but also helps you achieve your objective at the end of it.

But first, let me reiterate what is a Webinar:
Webinars are online seminars which allow you to connect with a wider audience. Most of them provide valuable information and rest are just bla..bla.

Personally, I think they are intended to be lead generation or branding ‘magnets’. To make this magnet effect here is a ‘smart’ approach especially when it’s your first webinar.

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How startups can leverage their existing ecosystem to make themselves visible?

Today, companies are operating in an increasingly complex & competitive world. Businesses are far more diverse, dynamic and interconnected and far less predictable. There are some who still follow the traditional approaches to strategy & business planning that are based on a stable era. They emphasize analysis and planning for a short term performance rather than long term robustness. This however is not helping them fare longer in business. Infact studies show that the mortality rate is on a higher scale in such business structures. Traditional systems are now been replaced by Complex Business systems.

This is an era of social participation and the customer is no longer a passive recipient of goods and services but is actively involved in creating value. Platforms that allow co-creating value are changing the perspective of competition. The rules of competitive advantage are also changing.

So how does a new entrant/startup survive if its getting difficult for the existing ecosystems itself?

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Top 5 things in a Digital Marketing Strategy for Startups

Do you have a digital marketing strategy or are you just relying on your business sense? The problem is that most of us don’t know where to begin. It seems most of the traditional means would suffice given their success rate over the years. But actually speaking most of them are failing because they lack tracking the trajectory of the graph they are relying on. The new means of communication and thinking demands a new thought process to market and grow. That’s where the new era of digital marketing begins. Yes, you need a Digital Marketing Strategy.

You business-success-strategycan find a billion ways of marketing yourself online and with so many tools at disposal, it is actually difficult to choose which one is the best suited one. Recently, I had a chat with an avid marketer & a businessman with decades of experience. He said, “most of the companies do not know how to use automation and ultimately waste time and money on wrong things“. That is so true! I have had similar discussions with many other fellows marketers and they all agree to one thing.

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