Singapore dreamz

2000 miles apart is a land that has mystified everyone over the years. Some call it the global financial center, some call it the best holiday destination. For me it’s one place I have always dearly wanted to visit (especially outside India).

Singapore | The Lion City | The Little Red Dot

It’s said that when the time comes everything falls in place! That’s exactly what happened with me too. I’ve been planning to visit Singapore since ages but it never materialized. The photos of people visiting this place would build up my desire to visit even more. The more plans I made, the more it felt short of something. Guess I was short on lady luck! 🙂 Last year however, my dream came true. Loads of discussions and research went on in what was to be one of the most memorable tours in my life. The thrill and excitement of a dream come true is truly amazing. You can see that smile stuck up on my face in the photo as well! (LOL)

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Backwaters Road Trip

It takes an entire week of planning to decide for family get together but if it’s a road trip with just friends what’s the scene? All it takes is your bike and yes cash for petrol and some snacks. It’s a different excitement altogether. Last Sunday there was a plan for family trip, an awesome one. By the time it was Sunday we had virtually travelled to almost all the nearby places across the city. True, but when actually it was D Day everyone suddenly had some other plans.

Did that stop me! Nah! Once it’s decided, it’s D…..wait for it CIDED! The amazing curves of the road made me forget everything in the world and just bow to the beauty of nature around. An unusual turn to an unusual road took us to one of the most usual places which I didn’t know existed so nearby to the city. Green hills with waterfalls on the right and the amazing backwaters of a dam to the left, man it was a sight! We stopped at what felt like a small stream and followed it up to an amazing waterfall. A relaxing dip in the fresh waters and then a moment of silence watching the clouds run through the mountains accompanied with drizzling drops of emotions.

4 hours of super chillaxation! After all that’s what is Sunday morning all about isn’t it? To all my friends with whom I have been on road trips – Road trips rock! Gearing up for yet another this weekend!

Tanay Sarpotdar