10 smart ways of hosting your first webinar

When you are planning a webinar, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by everything that you can do with it. A smart way of hosting a webinar not only helps to channelize your efforts in the right direction but also helps you achieve your objective at the end of it.

But first, let me reiterate what is a Webinar:
Webinars are online seminars which allow you to connect with a wider audience. Most of them provide valuable information and rest are just bla..bla.

Personally, I think they are intended to be lead generation or branding ‘magnets’. To make this magnet effect here is a ‘smart’ approach especially when it’s your first webinar.

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My Brainstorming way to Digital Marketing

Brainstorming is a cliché in today’s industry and often considered as one of the ‘leisure’ activities in office. Infact, it’s imbibed deep into our systems and we use it many times often unknowingly. We talk about its techniques and often jump over them to finish the task at hand. The race to finish our tasks never ends! We even forget that quality of deliverables is more important that quantity.

There are tons of Brainstorming techniques on the internet which can guide us. During our leisure times, we ponder over some of them and just like new year resolutions, they are forgotten by the first month end. Are these techniques really helpful? Why take the trouble of even reading when they are not going to be implemented? But the question is not so simple. Its not a matter of whether or just how to use these techniques but how we make the best use of them.


dictionaryThe definition states Brainstorming to be series of discussions done in a group for gathering creative/innovative/multiple solutions to a defined problem. It helps you to generate radical solutions. The participants also get encouraged to commit to solutions as they were part of the input process – a sense of ownership.

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